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Before anyone says anything, I had been taking my meds faithfully. I take 3 Lithium, 2 Depakote, 1 Lamictal and Prozac. i had hip replacement surgery 2 months ago and one of the "side effects" was a complete loss of my appetite. I lost about 25 lbs. But if I do not eat or take the Lithium and Depakote on a full stomach it makes me throw up. So needless to say, I went without my meds for about a month and now am paying for it.

How long after you restarted your meds did you start feeling better? Now I know this is an individual thing so everyone's response with be different.

What is other's experiences with the mood swings abating? I must say I was doing real well prior to the surgery. I am a rapid cycler. BTW, it took awhile for my pdoc to find the right "cocktail"