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Yeah, I know how you feel, especially about it being a "phase" and your friends telling you to get over it. I found a website that dealt with women who were anxious when they got engaged (when my OCD started) and I thought "great!" except...after a few months of working through their fears... they were all getting better and I wasn't. I was still doubting, still needing reassurance, still going through these "episodes" of intense panic, fear, sadness. depression, etc.

Mostly, it did not go away after I got married, which I had hoped it would. It lessend a lot - in its intensity and emotional factor - until about the beginning of May this year. Since then, it has been a rollercoaster - I feel great for 3 weeks, then I get into an OCD funk and feel horrible for 3 weeks. I have had other obsessions revolving around my health and sexuality, but nothing as bothersome and as annoying as OCD surrounding my relationship.

I hope Zoloft works out for you! If Luvox doesn't do the trick, I am going to try Prozac or possibly Zoloft. I have tried Wellbutrin in the past (that stuff is awful) and Lexapro.

It is VERY difficult for me to accept it is OCD when I am in "OCD mode." It all seems like reality to me.