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I was just perscribed Sarafem from my dr. It is for P.M.D.D......and severe PMS. I have suffered for years, so i need to get this under control! Has anyone taken this med? Did you experience side effect............weight gain etc. There isnt much info on the internet about it. I think it is classified in the prozac family............if so, i WONT take this med. I have been told by several doctor's that it isnt possible to check a woman's hormone level! This makes no sense to me! This type of test seems almost vital for some women that suffer like i do each month almost ALL month. I also want to add that i have tried almost every antideppresant out there.........and that has really never helped my PMS symptoms.
Sarafem is the same thing as prozac. If you do a search for sarafem and prozac, you will see it's the same thing. I'm surprised your doctor didn't tell you this when you got the prescription? It seems like a strange thing for the doctor to leave out!

Anyway, I'm not sure why you would think you can't get your hormones tested. That is not true and you shouldn't worry about that.
Well I got the results of my estrogen and it was 80. I had my blood drawn when I was feeling bad but I should have waited because the next week was worse. I'm sure it would have been lower then. I have an appt. with her Monday. I started Prozac about 4 days ago but I actually feel worse. Really strange and tiring really.