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Thanks Tsohl for your insight. Drew is only 13 but he is already bigger than me and much stronger. It is scary when he gets like that and especially when he gets that wild look. I don't think he will hurt me but I am afraid I won't be able to stop him from hurting himself.
The mood chart is a great idea but I don't think he would do it right now. I will try to find one that I think would be good for him and present it to him when he is in a good mood. On second thought, I think I would have more success getting a pdoc or tdoc to present it to him. I will ask the pdoc at our next appointment. The thing is, right now he is in so much denial I just don't know if he would do it.
In another post you asked me about getting Drew dx'ed. The first pdoc did bring up BP but said he did not like to label kids this young. We have been to 2 different pdocs and 2 tdocs this year. If I knew where to take him to get some more answers I would. Drew was a very sensitive, high energy, impulsive type kid. Over the years he did complain of hearing voices occasionally. Almost 2 years ago he changed. He appeared depressed, his grades dropped. friends changed and began SI (this was at 12). He even had periods when he was almost unresponsive.(Drug test negative) Our first dx was major depression and he was started on prozac. At first he did well but after about 3 months we began seeing almost constant irritability, out of control behavior, suicide attemts, more SI, self medication and drug use. He was also hearing voices and complaining of intrusive thoughts. That is when we were given the dx of Tourettes and a mood disorder. They stopped the prozac and began abilify and later added the lamictal. Our pediatrician was not comfortable with the TD dx or lamictal so he referred us to another pdoc. After waiting 2 months for an appointment he dx Drew with depression and continued the abilify but increased the lamictal.. We have seen a big improvement since Drew is on 200mg of lamictal. So even though we don't officially have a dx it seems like he is being medicated for BP.
Our latest tdoc was better than the first but I'm not sure how much he helped Drew. He seemed to attribute a lot of Drew's problems to his IQ. He was tested in school and has always been in full time gifted programs. He specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is why we were referred to him. The thing is I'm not sure how supportive he was. Drew would be in a worse mood when I picked him up than when I dropped him off. I had to cancel our last appointment because of my Dad's death and rather than asking how Drew was doing, he told me if I cancelled it might be two or more weeks before we could get another appointment. I am trying to get into another tdoc in town but he has a one year waiting list. Why is it so hard to get the help we need for these kids?
Yesterday was a better day. Drew is still a little edgy and irritable but OK. We are back to walking on eggshells around here. We have a pdoc appointment on Thursday so maybe we will get some more answers there.
I am Mslainie. Your children are same age span as mine. Mikey now 16.5 and Tini 14. Mikey at 13 started really showing symtoms of BP but I single Mom and my ex BP no meds in & out of jail thought it was hormones or a teen stage. I havnt been with their dad at that time for over 6 years, so working 2 jobs and they was 13 and Tini was 11. Now Tini was in after school programs and Mikey was as long as I could keep him there. So anyway, my son I thought was just changing but doors started getting broken, wholes in the walls, my daughter and him were fighting, I started to watch closer, he was not sleeping for days and on top he has asthma and I didnt know anxiety made his asthma worst. he had since 5. Note he is very intellient he was seeing a councilor since he was 7 and finally almost 14 and a year of hell. He told me about voice,which I was freaked but it is a bipolar symtom. He also cycles at a drop of a hat. He also saw people and had nightmares. He went in blind fury and didnt remember doing and throwing and saying things. At 1st the docs claimed depression and we tried zoloft, it made him worse. Then he attemped suidicide and I had to 302 him. 302 in PA is involuntary psy eval. The psy doc put him on depakote and resperdal and it worked for a while. He was 14.5 by then and I found really found he was driving my daughter crazy with moods. I always saw her yelling like a nut, It took a long time to see his side again he is very good at manipulating. Me and my daughter. Now my Daughter is ADHD. But she is different and I thought for a time she was BP but she is not. But I did take for granted her being strong thur many years of asthma or psy emergencies, I did speak to her but I also had to listen to her.
My son is OK and meds and therapy are only a part of it, I am now looking into a school for BP and a smaller envirorment. he didnt do well in a large class setting. It took me 2years and I am finally getting results. So I will be honest, it is a long hard road and keep notes. I was so in a spin, I wound forget things. HERE IS the Great thing at least you and I have a chance to help our sons. My ex was diagnosed 30years ago and he self medicates, I didnt know he had it, I thought he was moody and mean and on drugs. But my son acts simalar and is not on any drugs accept the psy doc perscriptions. He gets blood level for one med 3-4 weeks and sometimes I change it up too. My son now is on Depakote and abilify and prozac. he sees a therapist wkly and psy monthly. I still think somedays why is he in a mood but I realized with this illness, it is a day by day process.
Best of Luck,
PS to your question, always listen to your gut, if you feel strom, it is on the way.:angel:
HI Lor60,
I hope things with your son are good today. Yesterday my son didnt have a good day and he was calling me names and underline threats. So he did apologize, he actually remembered some of it. however I called his psy and we are trying to space his meds different. he has been cycling and not sleeping good lately. So today we spaced his depakote every 6 hrs instead of 1500mg 3 at night. Today he was great, so psy doc said keep a chart and track and we will call him in a week. also my son on abilify at night, helps with nightmares, seeing people--he on 10mg for a year now with depakote and prozac 40mg in morning and it helps his depression.
You know Lor, I am an accountant and I used to think I could figure out or help or control or do something different to help my son but this illness has no set pattern especially with grewing children and hormones. This illness is a day by day, but I felt my sons changes coming and you will learn "the calm too" and act on your feelings. I hope your family is good and have a good day.
Take care