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Jules, I can totally relate to your post of wanting to run away at times. When I get to that point I usually ask my husband to step in and take over for a while. I know you've also done that in the past. Aren't you planning on taking a trip to FL later this month? Hopefully that will give you a little break. I do admire you for everything you are continuing to do to try and help your son. Since he is 21 you have no legal or financial responsibility for him. If Drew is still like this in 7 years I'm not sure I will be able to continue to be as supportive of him. I'm afraid I will just be too tired and broke. And Lucky is right. There are a lot of jobs down here and many people without degrees do very well. I do worry about the drugs though.

Lucky, I have two questions for you. The first is how is your son and how did the Keys trip work out? Also was your son diagnosed in FL? We are further down the coast from you and have not been able to get a difinative dx for Drew. The two pdocs we have seen say they do not like to dx BP at Drew's age. Instead they have given us a bunch of other dx including Turrettes Disorder, Depression (he was suicidal on Prozac) and cycling mood disorder.
I guess we won't make the trip. I struggled so much with medicating my son. It got to the point where I was afraid for his life and that was the deciding factor. Our pediatrician is older and sounds a lot like your doc in Tampa. He has seen us through all of our kids including a meningitis scare, and 4 pneumonias in one year for our two youngest resulting in CF testing. I remember spending the night in the hospital with one of my daughters when she was 5 weeks old. He called me several times during the night with results from her latest tests and even gave me his home number to call if she took a turn for the worse during the night. After Drew's first pdoc visit I called himto see if I should fill the prozac prescription. He convinced me to fill it. Of course that turned out ot be a bit of a disaster but I still think Drew is better with his current medication than without it.
Are they back yet from the keys and did they bring back any fish? It's not lobster season yet is it?
Jules-Any news on the job? I'm glad your son was able to earn a little money at the concert. Hopefully it helped him feel a little better.