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Hi and thanks again.

I met my husband 10 years ago and he was the life and soul of every party. We planned our wedding quickly, and in the build up I found that my husband had told so many strange, big, cruel and pointless lies. I stood by him and we worked at it. Then his behaviour changed, he would become cruel in a rage, then desperatly sorry and depressed, then hyper, then cruel.........

This went on for a number of years, symptoms of OCD appeared(he would arrange my childrens toys etc in colour order and would vaccuum the carpets too many times a day!) my husband went to the doctor 4 times over a 5 year period and was prescribed prozac for depression. The 'episodes' continued, now he can go months and be fine, although his hyper personality, weird and wonderful dreams remain almost constant. WHen he isn't like that he is desperatly sad, then that turns into anger. I started looking into BP a while back, the circumstances we have found our self in recently (our son was stillborn) really didn't seem to exaggerate anything he was feeling, in fact, he handled it amazingly well and coped almost too well?!

The cruelness is the bit that I am finding hardest to deal with, when he is ok he loves me, I can see it in his eyes and he tells me. Also he is very very sensitive, in his hyper moments (which can last hours sometimes days) if i dont laugh out loud all the time at his funny accents etc then he becomes withdrawn...which almost always ends with me trying to comfort him and subsequently he will become angry. Never physical or violent (apart from occasionally smashing things) but the stuff he manages to say to me really takes my breath away, as well as my confidence.He says no one loves or values him. Which is just not true, my kids worship him! And he has told them he hates them, I am finding it hard to deal with that one.

A few years ago we had an argument,one of many, I cant remember what about, he threatened to kill himself, climbed out of our window which led to my whole family searching the streets in the early hours for him. The police were also called. I called the police 2 weeks ago too, as I got scared, his rage was out of control, then he started laughing and joking with the police on the phone, and within 10 mins of the call he was fast asleep. After this he was so sorry, he went to the doctor, took a list of things that he needed to say and things I asked him to explain, and the doctor said he thinks he is having a manic episode.....he is being sent to 2 differant psychiatrists and has been told by the doctor that they may put him on mood stabilisers. Over the last week we have read so much about bp, and my husband really feels that things fit, from some of his behaviour...to the length of time this has been going on (he swears it started while he was in his teens, he is 33 today).I cant really talk to anyone, we really dont have any friends left, and I have no idea why, my husband does not have a social life outside of me.

SO that's where we're at, and I thank you for your words of reassurance, I want him to be the person I fell in love with, although I know that some of that was part of his illness and I accepted that then. I remember saying to him the first time we spoke about the things he says, that his was either a total jerk (or words to that effect) or was mentally ill.This was about 9 years ago.When things are good we are best friends, he is a funny man who I love with all my heart, but how much can I be hurt by him?Well like I keep saying, I'm still here.

Still waiting to hear from the GP.

I'll update as soon as I can