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My thyroid antibody test came back positive. The nurse told me that the normal range went to 20 and my lab result was 21. The doctor said he was going to put me on a low dose of Armour. I haven't picked it up yet. The nurse told me it might be Armour or Synthyroid. I don't know which would be better or worse and I guess will trust his judgement for now.

I am going to wait and start the med on Monday incase I have any wierd reaction - the doctors office will be open and also I am off Mon - Fri next week.

I know that this is just the beginning. And I am only starting the process of feeling better. Anything I should expect? I just had an allergic reation to the prozac increase my other doctor gave me. Rash all over my body including my face. So I am really feeling hesitant right now about side effects of putting drugs in my body.
Once you start on your thyroid hormone it normally takes most people 4 to 6 weeks to start feeling noticeable improvement. It takes a while for it to build up in your system and start getting your body back in balance. Then, there are people like me and my sis who noticed remarkable improvement within 48 hours.

Everyone is different, and how long it takes to feel better varies from person to person. Usually, you are started out on a very low dosage and only raised as your lab work shows necessary every 6 to 8 weeks.

When did you start taking Prozac?? The reason I asked is, when I first went in with thyroid symptoms my doctor like most doctors immediately put me on an anti-depressant. I had all kinds of problems on those things and went off because I instinctively knew that any problem I was having with my emotions etc. were somehow thyroid related. Your thyroid being out of balance can definetly cause emotional and mental problems because it is linked to your adrenal gland. It can cause high anxiety and panic attacks from out of no where. Please consider once on your hormone and stablized that the prozac may no longer be necessary.

Good luck - keep us posted:)