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I'm sorry you've been having so much trouble. This sounds a lot like scitzophernia. It doesn't mean you are crazy. . . I promise you. Many people suffer from this from mild to severe. The fact that you recogonize the problem is a wonderful sign. Most people with severe mental problems are convinced without any doubt everything they are experiencing is real.

Hallucinations are no doubt scary. As a child I would think I'd see things in my room . . . The improtant thing is to tell yourself every time - this is not real.

If you call your local hospital you may find that there are a lot of non profit therapists who can help you. When my mother went thru a divorce with my dad - he became very violent. We paid him 5 dollars for each visit - if we could - and he was a therapist. You can also talk with pastors trained to help with this. I have anxiety and OCD - I've found drawing near to God and praying helps keep my nerves at bay. There's nothing God can't do!

Most of all - know you are not alone. You are not beyond help. There are many out there who suffer just like you do. Scitzophrenia also has a different med than serquil or prozac. After taking meds it can be controlled and improve your life dramatically! You can also call your local health department and they help you find someone to address your needs.

If you need to see a therapist - don't worry about the money. You can find many who are willing to help you and work with you to pay only what you can. You just have to ask.

Hope this helps. God bless you.

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