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My daughter is taking the generic version of Prozac and Lithium.She has had blood tests done last winter while on these meds and they were normal.Her last blood tests showed her TSH to be 0.034.What does this mean?The lab range is 0.360-5.800.It says her TSH is considered low.Her T4 Thyroxine is 10.0.The lab range is 4.5-12.0.Her doctor wants her to have her blood test done again.Does she have a thyroid problem?Thyroid is in our family,I am hypothyroid with a solid nodule on the right side of my thyroid that was discovered on ultrasound.My mother had her thyroid taken out when she was 19 along with her sister when she was older.What would happen next if her next blood test for her TSH comes back low?She is sleeping about 12 hours everyday.Thanks for your help with my daughter:angel: