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:( I posted a while back with GI symptoms very similar to dumping syndrome. However, for the past 4 weeks, they have gotten much worse. At first, I would get diahrea, chills, fatigue and diziness directly after eating random foods, at random times. The intense and sudden onset of these symptoms has stopped, or at least, slowed down. The first week in July those symptoms occured 3 days out of the week. After that, I simply wake up sick. Nausea and the inability to eat have really taken their toll. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because I fear I will get sick. I have bile reflux, but it's been quiet for the past 4 years!! I have an appointment with the GI people at the local hospital, but that's not til next week. This past week, I wake up and feel horrible. I have had diahrea every day for five days now... it's a weird green/orange color so I question if it is indeed my bile problem for some reason getting much worse. It's just once or twice a day, nothing that is causing me to be dehidrated. My typical stomach medicines stop me from throwing up, though I wish I could at times like these.

Whatever I have seems to be a bit calmer at night so while eating lunch and breakfast are a challenge, dinner is usually okay. I still have to eat in very small amounts.

My sister has similar symptoms with anxiety. We're twins. She used to get very ill like me when she would think of something like a big trip... but while my life is very stressful right now, I'm sick constantly and not only at times when I think or worry about things. I just graduated college and will be starting a new job in two weeks. It's stressful, yes, but college and my internships were certainly equally if not more stressful and I didn't have one sick day the entire time. My family doctor put me on prozac, a medicine my sister has had success with. It's only been 5 days so it hasn't taken effect yet. My concern is that these docs will pump me up on anti-anxiety drugs when anxiety is not the problem.

The main alarm is whatever this is, is changing my diet and daily activity. I usually can only nibble on a granola bar or cheerios until late afternoon and my fast paced life is no more. I can't seem to do anything I used to like to do anymore, which is very frustrating.

Is this anxiety? Is it a GI problem? Is it some weird intestinal thing? I work with small children, and have been to a few water parks this summer. I just moved home from the college dorms in June, which is actually when the problems began.

Help, I want my life back.