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Hi all - I have been off Prozac for 15 days and on Armour for 7

This is my first time ON Thyroid meds and my first time OFF an anti-depressant in 8 years.

My body is doing loop-de-loops. I am having really high highs. And some lows. I was up for 23 hours straight the other day. Then I slept for 14.

I am ok with the wacki-ness. :jester: The change is needed and excites me. One weird thing is I am ravenously hungry. I eat like a Pig and wonder if it might be from the Pig hormones???? *Just Kidding ** :D It feels so good to feel good for once. Whether it is the lack of Prozac or the addition of Armour or the combination. It just feels great!!!
Yikes, I hope you level off soon. You don't want to be hyper!

I know you must be making up for lost time. It was like a switch was turned on for me when I started on Armour (after 26 years of feeling lousy on Synthroid).

It is amazing how often doctors give Synthroid, get the TSH in the "nornal range" (ignore the free T3) and think they have done all they have to do for us. Then start prescribing anti-depressants like Prozac and Lipitor for the hypo-thyroid symptoms we still have! (And they can't make the connection).

How much Armour are you on?