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WOW!!! Every single word, sentence and thought (except one) that you wrote could be mine. You just described my life to a "T" !!

The only difference is I DIDN'T work alot of hours and now our debt is out of control.

I am about 2 months ahead of you. It took 2 doctors, 3 visits and 3 times giving blood to get all the tests I needed. If I had stuck with doc number 1 - I would be asleep in bed right now. Not typing you. :D But - here I am.

I have been off my anti-depressant, Prozac for 16 days. I am lucky - Prozac is one of the easiest to get off. Doctor number 1 only wanted to increase it. I have been on a small dose of Armour for 8 days. Today I slept 6 hours and I feel like I have a car engine revving up inside me. :jester: My emotions are crazy high. While I know my body is just adjusting. It feels wonderful to be a little crazy. After years of being the Queen Of the Bed. Just the fact I feel change going on inside me is exciting. To know I am changing. Gives me hope beyond Words -- Honestly!!!!

What is disturbing to me is my 1st doctor didn't want to give me every test I wanted. I only wanted the basic 4 that are mentioned on here time and time again. TSH, FreeT4 and T3 and antibodies. So I found a doctor on the Armour site -- the Armour med site lists doctors in your area willing to treat with the med Armour. I figured if a doctor was open to treating with a med so many other docs wouldn't - then they might also be open to testing me and treating me the way I wanted.

And again Lucky for me - I was right. I had a doctor who tested me for every fatigue issue in the book. Lupus, Candida(yeast) all sorts of stuff. But it was the thyroid antibodies that came back out of range.

So to answer your ? How fatigued? I sounded just like you and I remember one weekend sleeping 36 hours straight only getting up twice. I have no hobbys - very few friends - and my house is a wreck. It has been all I can do to get up and gto to work. Good Luck and please keep all of us posted.
You sound like me about a year ago! I'm still climbing out of the rut. I'm on my 4th dr now. She actually listens to me. The endo I had wouldn't check for anything else. She has been fired.
Have you had your adrenals checked? That was part of my problem. I actually had a pharmacist ask me about the adrenals. That was 3 months ago and since I've been on the supplement support program, I've seen a big change in my energy. I do have to pace myself tho.
Before the adrenal support, I was sleeping 2-4 hrs every day after work and then going to bed an hour after I got up from my nap. It seemed I was sleeping my life away. The first thing the drs. wanted to do was a sleep test. One dr even wanted to raise my Prozac to give me more energy. I don't go see him anymore either. And I'm off the Prozac since I've started the adrenal program.
If you decide to use the Armour website to find a dr., call first and ask if the dr actually prescribes Armour. I went to a dr listed on the website and he doesn't prescibe Armour. It's an Armour-like drug. Not the same. This is the same dr who wanted to up my Prozac.
Good luck and be persistent in getting the testing done that you want done. If one dr won't do it, find another that will.