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Some say take that dose about 2 weeks and then increase it a very small amount.

And every 2 weeks increase it another small amount until you feel good/normal.

Imagine that, dosing by how you FEEL and not bowing at the alter of Synthroid and the TSH test!

That is the way natural thyroid hormones supplements were dosed long before there where such a thing as a TSH test or a patented money making synthetic drug called Synthroid.

Doctors (now) are taught to feel comfortable relying on blood test and they spend less and less time asking about symptom and how we FEEL (the clinical picture) . It is much quicker and easier for them to look at a blood test than to ask you about and record your symptoms, etc. They conveniently ignore how we feel or prescribe another prescription med to take care of symptoms. ( like prozac and lipitor, etc.) This is obviously NOT a good thing.

I did this it that way, without having blood test every time I increased my dose. I ended up on 3 grains a day (split into 2 doses) and my FREE T3 and FREE T4 a little above the middle of the "nornal range" & my TSH almost 0.

The T3 in Armour thyroid will often supress the TSH to 0 (once you are on a high enough dose). Remember the TSH is a pitutary hormone & the T3 bump you get when you take Armour will tend to supress it. That makes some doctors think you are on too much, but the FREE T3 and FREE T4 test will show that you are not.

So, I guess I am telling you to give it 2 weeks and then increase the dose a small amount more. You can get a pill splitter and half the 30 mg dose & you could add 15 mg to the morning dose (for 2 weeks).

You will also start feeling better as you get your ferritin level higher. That may take a couple of months. After about 3 months it would be a good idea for you to have your ferritin re-tested. Shoot for to to be at least 70.