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First, I wasn’t sure if I should post here or on the Depression board as I have only just today been officially diagnosed as Bipolar II. My mother was diagnosed and treated for moderate to severe “manic depression” in the 70s and 80s and I see a lot of what went on with her going on with me – so I suspected I had some form. I will say that my manic periods are much shorter and less often – I tend to be depressed mostly and I seem to be easily affected by situational depression as well.

I’m also hypo-thyroid and being treated with Levoxyl. That diagnosis didn’t come until 2002 and it has changed my life – since treatment I feel somewhat human! I’ve also been on Wellbutrin for 2 years this month and now am at the highest dosage of 400. The doctor today (first time I saw her) suggested that I also had a wee bit too much anxiety and obsessive/compulsive behavior (the latter isn’t a large concern). She thinks I should go on a low dosage of Zoloft.

I’m afraid of adding another drug to my system, to be honest. I’m on Levoxyl, Wellbutrin and a birth control pill (low-dose POP variety). Years ago I had troubles with Paxil and Prozac. Paxil made me gain lots of weight quickly and had great sexual side effects. Prozac just didn’t seem to do anything. Now I’m afraid that Zoloft will make me gain and feel icky like I felt on the other SSRI’s. Wellbutrin feels quite normal to me – no complaints and maybe I could just work through this with some therapy?!?

I’m also worried about therapy. I have a tendency to not say everything that is on my mind or to skirt issues or sometimes just to make things up so I don’t sound “crazy.” It is stupid to pay money for sessions and then invent other problems just to avoid my own. I just can’t seem to open up.
Anyway, I just wanted to talk about my situation here anonymously. I think I could do okay with on-line therapy if there is such a thing – I just am socially awkward and cannot see myself telling a health care professional the kind of things that enter my mind (silly, I know). So hello, I guess this is my introduction.

Oh, and the other thing is I'm dating someone (2 years very soon) and I'm pretty sure I'm really in love and well, he puts up with all my "crazies" and still seems to stick it out despite it all. However, he hasn't experienced real depression (I mean outside of situational depression from a break-up or something along those lines). There are other people in my life who have never experienced depression as well so I get a lot of "snap out of it" type talk and well that is just plain frustrating. BF doesn't do that but I wonder if he doesn't think that in the back of his mind...ugh...rambling sorry!