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I just recently started my treatment for HypoThyroid. 3 weeks ago I began Armour. A week before that I stopped Prozac. It is hard for me to know what might be a response from stopping the Prozac and what might be a response from starting the Armour.

I have a follow up doctor appt in 3 weeks. I have given my body 2 or 3 weeks for initial reactions and now need to know what things I should be keeping track of for my doctor visit. I read the Armour site for side effects and they list VERY few. I am making note of everything because I have learned you never know what might start out as a small thing and turn into a huge thing.

In general I feel ALOT better. I have a bit of nervous energy at sleep time and some nights have very restless sleep. I have noticed body acne - On my legs and arms. But that seems to have gone away. My appetite is HUGE -- I have yet to gain weight but know that if I keep eating like this without exercise it is inevitable.

Does anyone have any thoughts on things I should watch out for. Side effects that maybe aren't on the main page of the medication sites? Anything I should maybe keep a log of? I wanted to be able to present the doc with the best info possible and get the most out of my visit. Thanks