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i'm very happy i found the place. took a while to get in with my guy initially, but well worth wait. is your friend satisfied?

no, nothing with iodine directly although my bloodwork showed no "iodide" detected. I'm not sure if Iodide and Iodine are one in the same or not. I've not asked a ton of questions because I'm just so happy someone agrees the answer is not another Prozac script. I'm on quite a "vitamin/mineral/glandular/pregnenolone" restoration program and he's hoping this will balance my endocrine system out and kick my thyroid into gear (my labs suggest my pituitary or hypothalamus gland are taking a break causing secondary hypo thryoid/adrenal gland issues). I suspect my issues have been years in the making - not sure if current approach will work and if I'll end up on thyroid meds eventually or not. But, I feel like I'm in the best hands possible so for that I am thankful!

I hope you get your situation sorted soon!