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Hey Goody2shuz, You there ? Waves like mad !:D

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your reply the other night. I know others did respond with the same advice, many thx also. But something or the way you said it, really hit a nerve with me and gave me the motivation I needed.

Ok so last night I did crash and burn, and "its the only way to go" was just a lot of ********, I had another way to go and I was taking it. The two me's were fighting again and I was pulling the plug on them both. Anway, I ended up missing my meds and really cut back on the dope and ended up feeling really ill and was up all night.

The good news is I survived through to day 20 :D of being sober and dragged myself along to the docs. By the time I got there I was in a major panic attack and hitting a manic phase. Rabbled at 100 miles an hour, told him everything, and demanded help ....Now ! He tried to put me back on the Prozac but protested I was going totally clean first to see how I feel straight. He did want me to hang fire on stopping the Disulfiram till wednesday, it was only 2 days away, but when I hurdled the desk and grabbed him by the throat screaming " do you know how long two of "MY" days were " he started to take me seriously. ( only kidding but its how I felt and judging by the fear on his face thats the reaction he was expecting )

Result is : another month of disulfiram if I need or want it.
Prozac if I choose to take it.
alcohol / drug addiction appointment this Wednesday.
referal for self harm help already made.
Urgent referal for admittion to psychiatric day hospital.
And councelling for infertility will come soonish too.
Oh and I'm not quiting the dope totally just yet ( pushing too
hard on myself ) but I will quite very soon. Promise.

I'm so happy ...... ok I'm terrified but at least he believed me at last and I could n' have asked for any thing more from him right now. ( other than a miracle cure ) I may only be coming up for 3 weeks sober but I new I was supposed to start rabbling on here the other night and I deserved more help than I was getting. Ok, so it's a long painful difficult road ahead, and only "me" can do it but at least now someone is taking me seriously that I need and deserve help urgently.

I'll keep you posted on my progess to beating this ****. Yes I'll fall on my face and get kicked in the teeth again but just watch me. I've got my chance and I'm going to grab it with both hands.;)

Many many thx Goody, you may just have saved my life.
Hope you are doing better yourself and staying strong.
Just remember "what goes around, comes around" Your a good person and if there's anthing I can do to help you, I'll be here. Thx.