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I took Prozac for two months or so, then stopped taking it because it actually was causing depression.

Overall since when? This past summer has been good I guess, I've been working a lot but besides that I enjoyed it. Before that I was pretty depressed for awhile because of the end of a year long relationship, and a lot of complications with that...

Lately I've been pretty happy though. Happier anyways, I've never really been the estatic type. Thanks for all of your input.

Edit: Oh, and on the mania note, I don't have bad mood swings, but I do sometimes feel... I guess stoned, after staying up for a few days. It isn't like being tired, but just an altered state of consciousness. I don't like it though, its hard to get **** done, and I can't focus on anything. Sometimes it makes me feel a little sick lately.
It's understandable that you'd feel 'stoned' on as little sleep as you've been getting!

Have you had an episode of severe insomnia like this before? How long ago did you stop the Prozac?

I still think that you need to seriously consider Bipolar Disorder. Many people with BPD don't have actual periods of mania. They alternate periods of depression with periods of irritability/insomnia. The latter is often preceeded by a few days of feeling better than usual, but not euphoria.

Most people with BPD only have a couple of cycles per year so you may have to look at your mood for the last few years, rather than the last few months. Having cycles more often than that is called "rapid cycling". It's also possible, if you're young, that this is your first hypomanic episode.

Something for you to consider....