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Starfish-Do you think that your osteo diagnosis anxiety has decreased with the acupuncture? I too have had the diagnosis traumatization. To me this is no reason for me to take an anxiety med , like an anti depressant.( In any event I have read that prozac is no more effective than a placebo, Maybe other studies say differently- I don't know and don't want to mess with brain meds. anyway.) I have felt that the anxiety was to a degree a discomfort which has functioned in a way as a motivating source. The tension in a way has pushed me to
reach out to others who are in same situation to share info
research exercise programs to see what would be best for me
research supplements and dietary suggestions
try to find a doc who specialized in osteo who was also an endo(this was hard)
So, some of the anxiety has been useful.
But sometimes, it is too much. And, I work on that with tai chi and meditation.
I am also interested though to hear about your acupuncture experience as it relates to the diagnosis trauma, freak out, anxiety , tension, fears etc. whatever you want to call it.
Hey , don't feel you are being too chatty. You are a great addition to a wonderful board. So glad you are here. Please don't stop sharing!:)