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[QUOTE=ibtouchy45;3181889]hi, could you let me know how your docs appt went? I am trying to talk to my docs. but don't know who to talk to. I've got severe PMDD

Sure will.

Here is a outline I am bringing with to give to the Dr. Hopefully it is helpful and hopefully I will get some attentive care for once!!

According to Pharmacist at Madison’s International Women’s Pharmacy
Tests to request according to symptoms –

FSH, LH, DHEA, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone

TSH, T3, T4

Adrenal testing including Hydrocortisone levels

List of long term symptoms:

Hx of Anxiety, SVT, Depression, Irritability, PVCs and PACs and Fatigue
(Anxiety, Tachycardia and Palpitations controlled with Klonopin and Metoprolol)

Allergies – seasonal

Highly sensitive in general – to EVERYTHING (mosquito bite gets huge and red – everything seems exaggerated)

Symptoms since having child (3 years ago):

Heavy periods with clotting
Irregularity in periods
Breast tenderness
Major bloating in abdomen and chest prior to period
Low BP
Mood Swings
Brain Fog
Very low energy levels
Increasingly severe fatigue
Insomnia (recent)
Hot Flashes (recent)
Increased Irritability
Increase in headaches – sinus type
Body aches
Exercise Intolerance
Extreme difficulty losing extra 20lbs – all around waist and breast area

• All symptoms are exaggerated 7-10 days prior to period with the exception of fatigue which remains constant throughout the month

• Have had hx of ovarian cysts that did not require medical attention

• Paternal Grandmother died of ovarian cancer

• Father died of Diabetes

• Mother and Maternal Grandmother had hysterectomies in their 30s

And I got an email from my psyciatrist who had this to say about the Lexapro treatment for PMDD...

Heather he gave you samples that were given to him by a drug rep. selling Lexpro. The FDA does not indicate Lexpro for anything other than deprerssion and generalized anxiety disorder.

Forrest Pharma was fined 20 million dollars in England for mis representing the drug .....it treats depression ,and generalized anxiety....National Institute of Mental Health [a US government agency and related to the FDA] studies show it to be better than placebo only 47% of the time. It is absolutly not authorized for treatment of any ob/gyn problems.....typicaly pmdd is treated symptomaticly with diuretics and with [bioidentical hormones]...frankly the aditude that just tosses out samples of psych drugs to women , instead of checking
for hormone imbalances ,ovarian displasia and other medical problems seems sad.

low dose Lexpro is not effective for most depression. it is a minimal weight gainer for some people. there is a withdrawl potential , and many people feel emotionaly 'blah' ,and loose there libido. the drug is relitivly safe , and little different from Prozac ,Zoloft ,or Paxil [Serazone has been pulled of the us market because of liver damage] it seems sad that women are just handed antidepressents , instead of being worked up for hormone imbalances , ovarian dysplasia , or endometrosis..........

Heather you are very sensitive to meds, weight gain and side effects are always a problem I would be very cautious.

Contact the womans pharmacy in madison. They may have information on "bio identical" hormones , and other more natural methods.

Thank you for contacting me ,Feel free to do so in the future.

wishing you all that is good

Thought that was interesting...