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Haha yeah I was on wellbutrin. That is actually the only ssri that i would recommened. You can cold turkey and have no withdrawls. But I was on zoloft, prozac, luvox, and wellbutrin. Not one helped me with my fatigue or any symptoms. It hit me when i was 22 yrs old, I remember sitting at my desk in the office and running my hands through my head and all my hair was falling out. The next day legs started to ache, fatigue set in, and was constantly hungry. I did gain a little bit of weight also, probably like 15 lbs. I have done just about every test out there for my symptoms. Everything leads back to my thyroid which is not currently optimized. I have recently realized that allergies/asthma may be playing a factor. So im going to test this week to see what im allergic too, my sinuses are constantly congested. But anyways what I would do is start ruling things out with your son. If its not thyroid that is a good thing because sometimes its hard to get it balanced and feel well. Here is what I had check......

-Sleep study for sleep apnea etc.
-pyschological test = came back that i was very intelligent and to be short... it is all in my head
-infectious disease doc
- GI doctor + did a endoscope and colonoscopy
- GTT for diabetes and glucose intolerance
- Stim test, cortisol count, and saliva test for adrenals
- neurology doctor for brain problems , stroke etc.
- ekg's left and right on my heart
- CT scans and MRI on brain
- tested for candida came back negative
- vitamin definceies

Ive done everything and the only thing that has helped is thyroid meds. I notice a difference when I take them. But I messed up bad by upping the dose myself which made me hyper so now Im working my way back up. But see if you can get your son a appointment with a endocrinologist. Do a SALIVA not STIM test for his adrenals and also a minimum 3 hour GTT for hypoglycemia. I know you said his blood sugar is fine but have you taking it lets say 5 -6 hours after he has eaten anything? The more I think about his symptoms thats a strong strong possibility, but remember im no doctor. Ive just researched every condition that could apply to me out there. You can either test with a GTT that a doctor orders, or a freestyke flash/one touch finger ***** machine <--- you can get at walgreens but are pricey, or put him on a diet for 4 weeks. Its a strict diet, you got to read up on it.

Some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia are:

mental confusion
mood swings
heart palpitations
a craving for sweets
cold hands and feet
blurred vision
inner trembling
outbursts of temper
sudden hunger
crying spells