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That's nice but treating the cause of the symptoms instead of the individual symptoms will likely get rid of the symptoms (instead of just trying to cope with the symptoms).

It reminds me of doctors telling us a TSH of 3.5 is in "normal range" and here take this Prozac for your depression, Lipitor for your high cholesterol, metamucil for your cronic constipation, and if you eat less and move more and you wouldn't be so heavy....INSTEAD of fixing the cause of all these problems!

In the case above, if and the TSH was optimal instead of just in "normal range" all those symptoms would likely dissapear.

And of course the FREE 3 and FREE T4 MUST be in optimal range too!

And I think lot of people who are diagnosed with things like...fibromyalgea, and depression are either un-diagnosed or under-treated hypothyroid patients.

Another analogy is....If you need eyeglasses and the doctor just gave you an eyeglass prescription that made your vision a little better, but you still couldn't see well enough to read....and you complained to the doctor that you still can't see well enough to read & he said but you are in "normal range", maybe you should learn braile! LOL

Sorry, I don't mean to take anything away from your idea; I am just adament about people getting treatment until they are in OPTIMAL range NOT settling for less.