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I don't even know where to begin. I posted months back about various symptoms I am experiencing. I have yet to have a diagnosis and just feel at a complete loss. I am desperate for answers.

Let me begin with trying to explain this as best as I can. Let me start with the most HORRIBLE symptom, the one that has changed my life. First and foremost my breathing feels constricted when I am laying down. (I have slept upright or semi upright for two years). When I am flat on my back I feel so heavy. I have trouble breathing and my limbs start to go limp. My whole body feels like lead weight to lift. I start to get a splitting pressure headache. Once I sit up I feel a little better. Leaning back or laying back causes the same thing. The time I feel most comfortable is on a solid chair. BUT I still always feel like my breathing is constricted, ALL THE TIME. Sometimes I need to just sit up really straight to get any sense of relief. I can not walk for more than a few minutes without feeling like I am pulling lead weights along with me. Here are more symptoms.

When I wake my body feels bruised, especially my feet and hands.
I have TMJ symptoms
I am dizzy all of the time (kind of out of it feeling)
my scalp is so tender, sometimes I can't even brush my hair
For three years I have had bladder pressure, have been on numerous antibiotics none of them work. My bladder pressue is worse when I lay down
Restless legs syndrome
My upper chest is painful to the touch
My breastbone will go numb at times, feel like something is wrapped around my chest
various parts of my body go numb depending on my position
Horrible lower back pain
Pelvis tenderness

More infromation: In 2006 I was pregnant. I had all these symptoms before pregnancy, and during my pregnancy I could bary hold myself up that I was using a walker at 31 years old. Doctor's thought all of these symptoms were pregnancy related, but they have yet to subside. My child is now a year old and I have barely been able to carry him since his was born because my chest is so sore to hold anything(anyone) against it.

Here are some of the tests I have had in the last two years.
spine/neck MRI - came out fine
Head CT- came out fine
Abdomanal CT- came out fine
Abdominal ultrasound - LIVER LOOKED ENLARGED

Various bloodwork
The only thing that had been mentioned was high liver enzymes

Meds I have tried (I have NEVER gotten any relief)
Because they have thought it was in my head I have been prescrived various panic disorder meds and depression.
Xanax (no help, just made me feel loopy high)
Zoloff (caused sever migrains)
Welbutrin (turned me into a robot with no desire to do anything)
Prozac (Worst of all of them, made me cry all the time and I literraly sat on the couch and did nothing but feel depressed)

After I tried these and got off of them I was back to my positive self (yes believe it or not I am STILL positive) although I have basically turned into a shell of myself. I feel as if my body had completly betrayed me.

I am 32 years old and can barely move around, walk like a 3rd trimester pregnant lady, haven't been able to lay down in two years and need some help.

I know I have forgotten many things...but hopefully SOMEONE has experienced something like this.

Oh one more thing, here is the doctors I have been to.
General practioner

Thank you to everyone.