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after graves diagnosis when i was 25, i had a complete thyroidectomy (full removal of thyroid gland) three years ago, and i have never felt the same since. i am always slightly crazy - i can't get my emotions under control. docs tell me i'm depressed, etc, but i swear it's my thyroid. i often feel like a raging lunatic: sometimes i'm happy, but often afraid to be left alone. i don't enjoy myself anymore, broke up with my boyfriend, changed jobs, etc, nothing's helped.

thinking about going on armour... just wondering if anyone else has felt this trauma after losing their gland and trusting synthroid + cytomel to regulate a human body. aaargh!

i've tried wellbutrin, prozac, etc but everything leaves me with side effects. i just feel very unstable. "thyroid solution" book talked about other people feeling the same way - would love to hear more if you have your stories.