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[QUOTE=cosutton;3224562]In a way I guess having it made me stronger. It has also made me a more compassionate person and more empathetic to people with problems and issues. I think it also makes me appreciate life more now. There was a time when I never thought I'd be able to enjoy a normal life.

This is exactly my experience too!!!! Both points: Being more empathetic, PLUS appreciating life more.

I noticed that you are a veteran here on the boards. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.

I know it says veteran under my name because I ahve been a emmber for a looong time, and just recently I have been replying to a lot of post. (Even hoping I am not going to get on people's nerves!!) There are times when I don't visit a lot too.) Anyway, I am not sure if this makes me able to correctly answer your questions, but I'll try... well, at least some of these questions don't have a correct answer anyway. Like the first one...

1. Do you think I should see a therapist even though now, I've learned to deal with it on my own?

See, it really depends, I would say. That's why I asked you if the flareups are still frequent. It probably depends on how much it disturbs you.

2. Have you heard of anyone commiting suicide from their OCD? Mine was bad enough to consider it, but something always prevented me from it. I guess it was because when the anxiety was over or the ritual was over, I was relatively OK. I knew there was hope.

I can't think of anybody right now...
Oh, I remember that story I heard about, about a guy who wanted to shoot himself and accidentally the shot had the effect of a lobotomy, and cured his OCD!! I heard that in a psych class. Quite something.

I agree that hope is soooo important. Hope alone, the hope that it will not always stay this bad, can make the whole difference.

[QUOTE=cosutton;3224562]3. Do you know anyone that has ever been completely cured from OCD? Does it ever leave and Never come back?

Another hard one. When I first started on Prozac I kind of considered myself cured. It was such a miracle. I felt such immense relief. But I know there are still things I obsess about sometimes. In a way I can live with it, yes... but what means cured, anyway? Does it mean no symptoms at all? And where is the line between "normal" obsessing and OCD? And doesn't every experience change us in some way?


4. Is it hereditary? If I have a child will they inherit it?

There certainly appears to be a hereditary aspect, but that doesn't mean that your child will necessarily have OCD too! I would say, there is probably a higher chance for a child from a parent with OCD to develop the disorder as well.

Hope this helps.