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Hi folks, The dr. says from my last blood tests he has my numbers normal and no need to adjust my methimazole again. Been a long 6 or 7 months. Problem is I still dont feel very good. Sometimes ok and sometimes yuck. I still get headaches, head pressure, a lot of muscle aches and pains, sharp pains in my shoulders, upper chest areas below my collar bones, blood pressure spikes and just ill feelings. Other dr. wants me to take prozac which I have been fighting off for quite a while. Im not quite that desparate yet. Hello to Helen and all my usual responders. How are you all doing? Go for another blood test this week sometime just for checking every 5/6 weeks so far. I dont think I will ever feel better again and I know thats not the right attitude. I just wish I was well. Im sure you all want to feel well again too.
My latest test:
T-4 Free 1.1 0.8 - 1.8 ng/dl
TSH 1.62 0.350-5.500 uIU/ml

In the beginning it was .019 and one time it was 11.6 the hypo side when they overmedicated me. then back and forth for several months.

I am currently on 5mg of methimazole 5 days a week then he has me taking 2 days off then 5 days and so on. I have multinodules something or other.
My head still feels full or pressure at times, just comes on from nowhere. My blood pressure still spikes and I have pain in my shoulders, collarbone areas, which is sharp, and burning in my throat with some stomach problems. All of which could be stress/anxiety says he. Maybe so, I dont know for sure. I wont take the prozac. Some of these items could be the methimazole I think. Eveyone have a good day today.