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Our 20 y.o daughter has been in and out of therapy for 4 years and on more meds than I can count, hospitalized in July for a suicide attempt. She was dxed as Bipolar and that dx seemed to fit as she was medicated for it and actually seemed for the first time in YEARS to be even mildly ok---yet as soon as she was acting ok and not throwing fits and such, she announced she was now going off all her meds as "nothing is wrong with her at all" and totally against her P-docs advice but with his help she is stepping down off all her meds. So far she is just obnoxious, but she's still on a little Lithium and Prozac. Emotionally, all over the charts. She still has all the symptoms of BP and altho she can hold down a job, she can't spend money wisely (deeply in consumer debt, couldn't go to school this semester) has gained a LOT of weight--eats out at least 2 times a day, her room & car are utter pigsties and she is promiscuous to boot. Announced to the family on Sunday (in front of small grandchildren--so no sense of apprpropriateness!) that she is bisexual and she might likely marry a girl. That was actually met with laughter because we live in Utah and THAT ain't likely to ever happen here.
She starts fights with anybody over anything, just to get a rise and then wonders why nobody ever wants her around! I could go on, but according to what I've read and acc. to the papers the pdoc sent home with her for us to read about BPD, she fits the bill 100%---problem is, she thinks she all that and bag of chips....in other words, she's grest amd WE'RE the effed-up ones.
Any idea how to handle this type of person? She's really changed 100% from the person she was 5 years ago. I don't even recognize her. A lot of her diatribes are simply to make us angry, I know, but we are dealing with a serious health isuue for her dad and her behavior is making him so stressed. She truned 21 next month and we are seriously thinking of giving her a deadline and telling her she has to find a place to live and she has to move out by Jan 1. AND she's not welcome to move back in.
Any suggestions are welcome. We're at the end of the rope.
Thanks for the replies--so all of you are medicated for BIpolar?? She is off her meds for that..only on Prozac for depression. I am not seeing manic behaviors of any length,,,,yet, at least not like before with the screaming fits and the wild out of control behavior. As far as limits--she will be 21 in a few weeks and quite honestly, it is near unto imposible to set limits with her--Curfew?? Forget about it! She will occasionally call to tell me she's crashing at somebody's place, but forgets most likely than not. He room is a pigsty, despite repeated requests that she keep it clean. (It IS after all our home) She leaves her junk wherever she wants and I simply pick it up and heave it into the pile in her room. We do not charge her rent as we want her to leave and rent would simply set her back---originally the "set rules" for her to live at home were that she HAD to stay on her meds. I reluctantly went along with her going off of them becasue she was so miserable on them.
Our absolutes are: Language (NO SWEARING__respectful language), no alcolhol in the house, no coffee (against our religion) no smoking, keep her room clean, work full time, get her finances in order, call if she is going to be later than 1 am, clean up after herself, treat us with respect.
She's up, down back & forth--very hard to live with She had an apartment and the roomies backed out on her when she attempted suicide in July (faked & for attention but it bought her 10 days in a locked up facility and cost us $4000)...roomates went "she is crazy & we want no part of it"--so she does see some signs of her behavior and the consequences. We are holding her responisble for a portion of her hospital stay since it was a "phony" so to speak..but she has made no attmept to pay her portion & so about $350 is going to collections. This will be a wake up call too since we will not bail her out. Is this the kind of thing to which you all refer? Let her make these huge mistakes and suffer the consequences?? I just so want her out & on her own and the drama to be gone!!!! Maybe of she lives away she'll grow up. And she HAS lost a ton of friends becasue they are all sick to death fo the drama she wears like a cloak. How much does a mom have to take before I can say--NO MORE!!??..and still be there for her?