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Well, I had my appointment this morning with my family doc and we discussed my thyroid, my high cholesterol and my anti-anxiety meds.

Again, he said that my thyroid numbers "look good", but he would bump me up to 50 mcg of Levoxyl since I wasn't feeling better (my lab results are posted in this thread). He said that since my T3 and FT3 numbers were in a good range and that the T3 is what affects energy levels, theoretically I should be feeling better. My lab's reference range for the FT3 is 2.30 - 4.20 pg/mL and the range for the T3 total is 60 - 181 ng/dL.

I pointed out that my FT4 was low and that my TSH was climbing toward 3.0 (our lab still uses 5.0 as the high end of the TSH range and .6 as the low end for the FT4), so that made me feel that something was going on with my thyroid. He said "the TSH is the most telling number" and "there are two schools of thought on the appropriate TSH level, so it just depends which one you follow". I'm thinking he's from the old school of thought (surprise, surprise). However, he didn't scold me for adding the extra tests and even put them on my lab slip for January. He also ordered a complete metabolic test panel, but didn't explain what he would be looking for. Hmm, waiting until January seems like a long time.

As for my cholesterol, I pointed out that the thyroid can make high cholesterol very hard to lower and he agreed. However, he went on to say that it may be my weight (I'm about 30 lbs. overweight) that's causing my thyroid troubles and that the Zoloft I'm taking for anxiety may be adding to the weight gain. He said if I lost weight, the thyroid issue may go away. Every time I try to diet, I'm hungry all the time and get cranky because of it. I'm not sedentary, but he said if I exercised I may not be so tired. So he's also taking me off Zoloft and putting me on a low dose of Prozac to see if it makes losing weight any easier.

I asked him if having thyroid antibodies present meant anything for down the road. He looked at my labs and said that the results indicated that no antibodies were found. If any were there, he said it would indicate an autoimmune disorder. The lab values were not zeroes, so I just assumed that some antibodies were present (apparently not).

I definitely plan on keeping my appointment with a thyroid "expert", but any thoughts on what my family MD told me today?

I also disagree that your weight is causing your thyroid problem. GP's know almost nothing about thyroid, and it ticks me off. I think your weight is an issue because of your thyroid and that you may have an easier time losing the weight if your thyroid levels were optimized. The Zoloft definitely could be contributing to this, and personally, when I switched from Effexor to 20 mg of Prozac, I lost weight immediately. Prozac is one of the only antidepressants that doesn't make most people gain weight, and it even helps some lose it (like me). This may not necessarily be the case for you, but it's possible. So between changing the antidepressant and upping the thyroid meds, I think you are on the right track, but don't be afraid to go back and ask for another increase if you still don't feel better in about 6 weeks. And if your current dr. won't continue to listen to you, then go get another!

Good luck to you!