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Moldova, I don't think I could handle the stress of another tests. They would have to up my prozac!!:D
Margaret, hubby is going with me to the appts. I am anxious to have my plan in place. I just want to get off these meds, gets some normacy in my house, go on vacation and be able to do something physically, and most importantly to have lower pain levels. I bet you are feeling the same thing.

I can't believe we had surgery the same day and are both in the same spot. It stinks doesn't it?

What meds are you taking? I am taking percocet, soma, and prozac.
Margaret - I do understand the feeling about the numbness. The prozac is doing that to me but at this point in my particular case numb is good. I have cried so much which is totally not like me and boy have I ever snapped some heads off lately. The prozac is helping me thru this. I think all of this has just become overwhelming for me. Please keep me posted on your results when you get them.

Clover, thank you for your well wishes and yes I am glad that things went easy with the myleo. I have had pain afterwards but really just the normal pain. No big deal!! I was so scared after the pain I suffered from the nerve bock that the fear was causing me high anxiety about the myleo but all ended well. Thank goodness.