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Hey everyone!

Well for me this roller coaster is just too much latley and I can't handle another day of feeling the way I do. I can't handle the anxiety anymore, the pain thru out my body, the headaches, the panic, the racing thoughts, the joint pain, stomach pains, ringing in ears, neck pain, jaw pain, chest pain, ANY of it. I am ready to just give up. And half of what I deal with pain wise I am NOT even sure if it is thyroid related.

I don't see my endo again until the 12th of Nov and at this point don't even feel like calling his office. I am DONE with these dr's.

I just had MRI of abdomen as I still have allot of pain in stomach and on right side since they took gallbladder out almost a year ago. I also have what feels like a lump right below my rib cage on the right side as well. I have had EVERY test known to man kind done to me in the past year and a half and the ONLY thing that has ever come back wrong is my thyroid which I did the RAI for this last Feb. I have had CT scans with/wo dye, ultrasounds, endoscopes, MRI, x-rays, lab work, and they NEVER find anything else causing all these symptoms.

I am just about ready to try prozac that is how desperate I am. I don't know what else to do or where else to turn.

I've had to quit my job of 5 yrs, I have given up my life as it was, I don't drive on the freeways anymore (to weak), I don't go out anywehre besides store when I have to. My life is over it feels like.

I just did the MRI on Monday and just got the call this afternoon that all was clear with it. I mean YES it is a good thing that it doesn't show anything majorly wrong but I guess I just want some sort of answer at this point. Anything....

Can a thyroid REALLY cause all these horrid pains and symptoms??

Ugggg........... Just shoot me.................:(