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Hi, My partner has been depressed for some time now due to post natal depression. She was prescribed prozac but had stopped using this after a week.

Now, she says she is fine but all of a sudden this week started losing interest in anything exept the computer. she's giving me a hard time telling me that all of a sudden she has lost interest in my phsysical appearance and also wants to be by herself to "sort her head out"

we have a three month old daughter who i'm sure does not want her parents torn apart by depression.

now, she will not listen to me and thinks i'm wrong when i tell her that she is depressed, she has a lot of symptoms and i have been depressed myself, so i am aware of the effects.

i just want some advice on how i can help her out as our current situation is quite horrible and i do not want this to break up our family.

i am here for her, i do everything i can, i just want her to listen, get help and work on herself but i don't want this relationship ended because of depression because i can't handle it anymore.

anyone able to help or suggest ways i can get to to realize she's depressed and get help? we have a doc's appt next week, but i think she will lie to her then and if she gets pills, not take them.

any advice on how i can help her see this and get help is appreciated. thanks.