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Thanks for the response.
I just returned from a doctor's appointment. She just put me on lyrica - 75 mg twice a day and lunesta 3 mg at night - since I DO NOT sleep!! I have always be very skeptical about taking medications. I do take 20 mg daily of prozac. However, muscke relaxers, pain meds, etc. I prefer not to take. I don't know about this lyrica!! At this point, my body is sore and achy and it is affecting my daily functions. I'll give it a try. I also have several different ultrasounds performed for various heart related issues included in the life screening. I do not have any family members with heart problems and I've never had an issue. Those results will be sent within 3 weeks. My doctor also did blood work today for liver, thyroid, red and white blood count. She really feels that the elevated CRP is related to my fibro since I've been feeling yuck lately. Three weeks on lyrica and lunesta and another appointment with her to check CRP again. Any other suggestions?

Thanks again,