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omg, augirl, you hit the target! I think I need these to "deal" with my son and my life in general. I need them to clean or else nothing will get done!
and omg, when i take a pill, i make sure I don't eat because it will kill the effect and I def. don't shower either because I found that kills the effect too!
I find myself looking at the clock, seeing how long it's been since i took my last one because I badly want another pill. Then on my last pill, i want it so bad and i try and save it for tomorrow and then by the end of the night I say "oh, i'll just take the pill now and worry about it tomorrow" and then when tomorrow is here, i hate myself for not having the willpower to save it!

right now, I have one pill left and I want it so bad right now, so bad!! so bad so bad! but i want to save it for tomorrow because tomrrow i will want it so bad!

I just watched this movie called 28 Days with Sandra Bullock about her pain killer addiction, it really helped me get somewhat motivated.

I was thinking about calling my DR and going back on anti anxiety meds. I did it before, i tried prozac and that didn't help, paxil and another one. The only one that helped was Effexor but 6 months into it, it didn't work anymore so i stopped taking anxiety meds 6 months ago.