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Hello. I have been suffering from severe PMS for a very long time. I finally had to post. It's now 8 days before my period and the symptoms started today. Yesterday I was fine.

I get so emotional and so hormonal 8 days before my period and then during it. The worst time is the 8 days before. It happens every month like clockwork.

I become VERY hormonal. I cry all the time, become depressed, want to eat everything in sight, am bloated, get bad headaches, am extremely irritable...my whole body is completely out of whack.

I was told by my dr. that lexapro would help, but of course it does not. Nothing has helped, including Sarafem (prozac), B-vitamins...I've tried everything I can think of.

I cannot take anything estrogen-related because I have a fibroid in my uterus and just got another cyst outside my ovary (the 3rd one I've had--the other 2 were removed).

There has got to be SOMETHING...there just has to be so I'm turning to my HealthBoard community like I always do when I really need help.

It seems like as soon as I'm finally over the PMS and my period, it's not long before I'm right back into being extremely hormonal...time flies.

I had my thyroid tested 2 months ago and that was fine.

I will take any suggestions you may have. Please help me.

Thank you.