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i can tell you i found out 13 years ago i had a underactive thyroid, after seven doctors did not find it, in the fifth month of elevn months before it was found i was reading anything i could in a health book not knowing what i was looking for, i found a page that was telling all the symptoms i was having was due to a thyroid.
so i told the third doctor and he goes back and said well five months ago the other doctor said you were fine on the thyroid, so i said well i thought i had found the problem, i was 42 at the time did not drink , never smoke, no drugs, did not like any kind of pills, 5 ft 7 in 125 pds lift weights, go figure.
i was a train wreck, totaly in overdrive, no sleep, did not want food had ulcers, hiatal hernia, thought i was out of my mind but i can remember ever second, everyday, month,.
i had to stop working, they gave me all kinds of pills that were not for me, also i was with a sleeping disorder doctor, i finaly had a reaction to prozac after seven days i was so sick, the doctor says you need to see a EMS, i said yes i do and i will pick him, i had great insurance, no reason for short cuts to the problem i had.
so i pick a doctor, he must have thought i was a nut job this was the eleventh month, he took blood and i did not think i had any left after all those other doctors had taken, two days later he calls me and says you have major under active thyroid, i need to get you on synthroid asap, so i was wright it was my thyroid.
i called my mom and told her and she said your dad has that, why did you not tell me, but my dad never took his meds like he should and did not make a big deal with it, but i changed his tune and made sure he had his levels done and took his pill everyday.
i kepts telling my dotor you say now after a year i am level, but i don't feel level, i have lost who i was, where is she, this went on for thirteen years as of aug 2008, i am now on ARMOUR natural thyroid and back to my old self , still away to go for at leat two more months, i always ask my doctors why when i go to the bathroome number 2 i get anxiey, this was another doctor, he said what has changed in your life, i said my thyroid, he said well there you go.
i have always had # 2 problems since i was a child, please you know how your body feels so at times you must be at odds with your doctor, or change doctors i did, i al so ran into a young women that told me her little girl was born with a thyroid probem, i did not know you could be born with it, so maybe many children have it and are being not treated.
they may be put on meds not knowing what is really wrong with them, getting in trouble, spankings, i don,t believe in spankings, so you should check this out about children i think it should be a must for babys, children, adults to have a thyroid panel done every year,also follow your famils history of health, let you know after me now being on ARMOR THYROID medication how i am doing in six more weeks,i was only married 3 months when this started in 1994 my husband was a trooper and we have been married 13 years to date, good luck god bless.

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