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I have always posted in the Bi-polar area, since that was what my daughter was dxed with...come to find out, she's not really bipolar, (loooong story, but I have found this isn't uncommon)...she has a personality disorder...she is off all meds and has been for a couple of months. The "true" her has emerged, and is as difficult to live with as the "bipolar" her when she's showing her colors..or acting out, or up, or whatever.....I honestly don't know what to do for or with her. She's 21, so she's "of age"..I want to ask her to leave our home, but my hubby won;t agree (he works out of town all week and does not interract with her much)...and all her anger, when she is feeling angry, is directed at me. She cannot hold a job, stay in school, stay in a relationship, keep a friendhip going.....everything that goes wrong is "the other person's fault"...always, usually it somehow comes back to something I said or did.
After doing a lot of reading and such I see her profile totally in the PD arena..she even SAYS she knows she has a PD. She is currently uninsured (because she won't go to school she is off our insurance and we cannot afford therapy..still paying off her trip to the hospital after a suicide attempt last summer!!) but she and I know she needs it.

Any help here would be great. These are unfamiliar waters. She refuses all meds although her past therapist said she would benefit from a low dose of an SSRI, (she was on Prozac, low dose, along with several other drugs for the Bipolar).....her behavior is making me crazy, since she still lives at home and is in my face so much--tho I work and am gone a lot, she is still such a stressor. (Hubby is no help--he is sick himself, recovering from a liver transplant 15 months ago and now treating for HepC with Interferon. Wicked bad TX and he can just manage to work and come home and go to bed. Will not and cannot handle crazy daughter, so he's not a part of the equation.)
Give me some hope-if there is any!