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Hi--I haven't posted in ages...I guess because my daughter has been re-assessed and re-dxed as being not Bi-polar but as having a personality disorder.......Sara, as some of you might remember, was in the hospital last summer for a suicide attempt....then was given a ton of meds for what was dxed as BP....but she hated them and fought us and her doctor and her therapist and finally decided AMA to go off everything. She did, on a very closely controlled tapering schedule and...ta-da. Nothing happened. She didn't bottom out, she didn't freak out or get horribly depressed, nothing. She did however find that she is pretty damn unpleasant to live with....her personality is really grating to endure long periods of time with....upon talking to her psych doc he said "I have long thought she had a PD, and wasn't BP, but the two so closely mimic each other." So, good news, she's totally drug free, but the bad news is she a b*tch to live with. Her p-doc wants her to stay on a very low dose of Prozac to even out those moods a tad, but she refuses, and we can't make her. In taking some tests, she scores in the "very high" range of PD, and she admits that she feels all the feelings that are commonly associated with it, and does want to seek therapy for it, but she cannot afford to go and we are busted flat from her summer of crazy...plus her dad's illness (the transplant, the Interferon TX---)
She wouldn't work for about 6 weeks, so she is soooo broke, and couldn't stand to go to school, so she finally took a job that she hates, and is planning on quitting that (tho I told her if she quits that before she has another job I will kick her out)...she has a steady boyfriend, who is a sweetie, but that's happened before and she always does something to ruin it. They are planning on moving in togther---but he doesn't really know her very well, I don't see it lasting long enough for that to happen. I just see so many patterns of negative behavior beginning again.....anybody out there have a similar situation? I posted on the Personality Disorder board too..but I think there might be people who have loved ones who are BP who are also PD or vice versa. Finding equilibrium for this kid has been a nightmare....truly. I think if she moved out I would have peace, which I so dearly, dearly need. Sadly, she attacks me, verbally, and is like a rapier in her ability to get straight to the core of my heart with her hatred of everything that is sacred and special to me. I KNOW she doesn't hate me, but she says the most horrible things to me...and I do not deserve any of it.
Don't even suggest to me that I try to ask her to leave. Hubby will not support me in that. He is gone most of the time and when he is home he is very sick from the TX for his Hcv. Sara treats him wonderfully and he does not see her viciousness towards me.
Anyhow--thanks for listening..any advice would be welcome!