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Hi Jules

Boy! Did your post about Son ever hit home! Jules, I have dealt with, and continue to deal with many health issues. I have dealt with cancer and its treatment, heart attack, diverticulitis, chronic pain, etc., and I tell you from the bottom of my heart that none of it, none of it has ever even begun to match the agony of depression and feeling unwell in the mind and emotions. It is horrifying to our soul to feel what is in our minds. It is a torment that truly can not be understood except by those who have lived in the dark, deep hole of it. Everything in my experiences with depression makes me understand why it can lead to suicide. There was some deep fight to live in me that kept me from that final thought, but I many times reached the absolute brink of such understanding of why it occurs. It is not a wish to die so much as a horror of living.

The first time around in depression, it took so much trial and error with meds to bring my brain out of it. Old meds, new meds, combos of meds, meds used off-label. Eventually, a combo was happened upon that allowed the brain to get well sufficiently that I was able to start functioning again and help myself get out of that awful, awful place. It took at least six months of trial and error before a particular combo began to work for me. Then, after many months on that combo ( and I have no idea what exactly it was), I was able to go on Prozac as a maintainance drug and was stable and level again. After about eight years, I recognized the symptoms returning and got my butt to my doctor pronto. The Prozac was pooping out for me. We switched at that point to Lexapro which has been working well for about 3 years now.

When I fell into non-functioning depression this last time, it was in large part because the opiates and benzos were not allowing the antidepressant to work. (a lot of unresolved baggage and pushing my body too hard physically also contribted to some degree). Once I got through the tapers, the Lexapro could do its job again and I am level once more.

Perhaps whatever antidepressant Son is on is not working most ideally for him. It is wonderful that he has told you what he has done ( even if not great that he did it). I hope the outpatient people listen well to him and look at his medications again. If after 4-6 weeks on a particular antidepressant regiment there are still strong signs of depression, then it is time to try a new regimen.

My heart is with your son, Jules. To be in torment in our minds.... it can only be described as a chronic torment. To seek relief from it is nothing short of survival. The process can be slow because of the trial and error component of it. Your son is in my prayers that what is going to work for him is found quickly. To live in depression is as hard for others to understand as it is to see someone live in adiction. Both are such big obstacles to quality of life... but both are obstacles that can be overcome. Your son is so fortunate to have you walking with love and care alongside him in his struggles.

Love and hugs