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thanks for your post too tammy, i totally understand what you mean about every year saying 'this is the year', i have been for quite a few now...but i really deeply hope that this year is the best yet for all of us.
Aurora, i went to my GP earlier, and fully admitted how i felt about myself and how i'm losing control of bulimia again. i've been put on antidepressants, again...i said i didn't want to go back on them, but i've got lots of college exams coming up and he said that perhaps a quick fix would help me through them...thinking about it, he's right, i don't want my ED to ruin important college work which'll determine my future...a future without bulimia i hope. trouble is, prozac is just a quick fix..i found before that in not feeling stress, i lost touch of how to deal with it, making it harder for myself in the long run. hopefully, i can soon get back into therapy and really tackle the underlying issues, something that really scares me :( thinking too much about it all makes me realise how much of a state i'm in and how much time i've wasted...

thank you both so much for your posts, sounds like you're having a tough time too bamalina, big hugs go out to you :wave: i understand that it can just come out of nowhere, are you in therapy? although i'm bulimic i think i can understand some issues concerned with anorexia...has anything brought it all back? so so sorry to hear you're struggling...you're right though, no one deserves any of this, or the damage it does to our bodies..
keep on fighting, there has to be a way out
lilly xox