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Today I saw my GP and he is taking over my pain meds effective with my next refill. PRAISE THE LORD! He is very concerned about my new found balance issues since surgery and he stepped out of the room for a minute and called a neurologist. The neurologist said that a nerve conduction test should not be done now because of my pain levels and recent surgery. The neurologist said that we needed to give my nerves time to calm down and he would recommend nerve medications for a full 6 months to one year. The neurologist recommended that I try Lyrica one more time and go on cymbalta. (There goes my weight loss!! :()

However, my general practioner did not feel comfortable writing the Lyrica prescription until he talks in detail with the pharmacist because of my severe reaction to neurotin and he wants to talk to a psychologist about switching me from prozac to cymbalta.

My GP also stated that he talked to my surgeon last week and he said my surgeon is talking Failed Back Syndrome.:confused: and that I will never be well again. My GP said he hates to put that label on me at age 43.

Overall I think my appt went well until failed back syndrome was thrown up there. Now , I don't know what to think.