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Leslie, Welcome back sweetie!! We missed you so much and I am sorry you are a mess. Gosh, why can't we go anywhere and have a blast without hurting so bad? I hope that things will calm down after you have a chance to relax a little.

Leslie, I will give you the shortened version. My surgeon basically given up on me - says I have failed back syndrome - refused to refill my meds - had to return to my gp - tons of nerve pain and balance issues - given a cane - gp called a neurosurgeon while I was in his office - neurosurgeon wants me on cymbalta and to give lyrica a second chance under close supervision for at least 6 months then he will review my case - gp is going to talk with head pharmacist becaues of my severe reaction to neurotin and psychologist concerning switching me from prozac to cymbalta - surgeon told GP that I have failed back syndrome - social security denied me. Other than that I am thankful to be alive and for my sanity. :D