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Maybe not just anxiety but have you thought maybe Panic Attacks?? ?
I too, am very sorry to hear of your loss. I recently lost my Dad and I know how deep grief can run and how severe it can be. Please keep in mind, grief effects different ppl different ways, and can last for years for some. So please dont disregard that part, talk to others and get support if needed.
I also have other things in common with you. I was diagnosed with having an Anxiety Disorder about 10 years ago. I had many of the same symptoms you described.. hard to breath, tightness in chest, fatigue, etc. I however, am 40 years old, so naturally, I assumed heart disease. Talk about freaking out! But, the good news was it wasnt heart disease but anxiety AND it was a treatable condition. I have anxiety/panic attacks due to the large amount of seritonin that my brain releases. My doc prescribed an anti anxiety/anti depressent, Lexapro. It has completely done away with all of my symptoms. Prior to that, he tried Prozac, Zanex (sp?) or is it Xanex? and other meds. I was pretty much a zombie but was also going through a terrible divorce with a very young child in tow, so being a zombie was probably the best thing at that point. Over the years, I began to recognize and immediatly identify my symptoms as anxiety. I would like to offer some suggestions, but Im not a doc, just someone like you.
1st-talk to your doc. Explain all symptoms. Even print out your posting and take to your doc for them to read. Or email it to him.
2nd-Do EXACTLY like your doc tells you to do. Dont skip your meds, or take more than you should. Get plenty of sleep with the help of over the counter sleep aids, if medicine is ok to take with them. Try to keep a healthy diet. NEXT and one of the MAIN THINGs is get out of the house! Sitting around will not make you feel better, it will only give you more alone time to think, ponder and worry about how you are feeling. Go walk around the yard, go to the store, just to look around. DO NOT HOLE UP IN YOUR BEDROOM. Its unhealthy, even for someone who isnt anxiety prone. Exercise, is a tremendous healer, even just walking around the mall does wonders and occupys your mind with other things. With anxiety, I found the more I thought about my symptoms, the worse they became.
If you have a friend or family member you are close to, tell them how you are feeling. They can be support when you need it and can help "talk you down" when symptoms arise.
Eventually, you will be able to "talk yourself down" until your symptoms eventually do not come back. I like to describe it like a huge tidal wave. I can see it coming (giving the situation I find myself in, like broke down with a flat tire, or getting ready to do a speech), then the wave gets closer and closer and closer. (this describes my symptoms becoming more and more intense) until eventually, it hits. And I feel TERRIBLE all of a sudden. But the wave or symptoms reside or become less and less. Then here comes another wave. This goes on sometimes for 1/2 hour at a time. When I first see that wave coming, I start to take deep breaths and tell myself, it is only anxiety. I chant sometimes "this too will pass" over and over and breath deep in and out. Believe it or not, this actually works to reduce and sometime totally elimate the wave altogether. Try it and please let us know how it works for you. I do not know what your experiencing, but I can certainly understand. Anxiety is a life changing problem and can be EXTREMELY controlling, even crippling at times. And remember, YOU WILL BE FINE!