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my doctor just started me today on cymbalta. (for depression and anxiety) 30mgs a day to start.

anybody get any results from cymbalta?

how long did it take to start working?
what were the worst side effects?
how is it working for you?

tell me about it in general. in the years past ive tried prozac, paxil, wellbutrin and a few others, the only one that really worked was effexor but after a year it stopped working so i stopped taking it. i been off depression meds for almost a year and now i decided to go back on so I heard about cymbalta and wanted to try it so my doctor gave me samples of 30mgs to start off with.

I just wanted to know what to expect the first few hours, days and weeks after taking the first dose.

also, for years ive had nerve pain in my lower back. i had cortisone injections but none helped. Do you think cymbalta would help my nerve pain?
I have taken Cymbalta for awhile. I can't say it has been a "lifesaver" for me, but I don't know what I would be like if I stopped taking it...
I have been on many different anti-depressants. I, too, am on Cymbalta and Wellbutrin. The only drug that I had a severe reaction to was Prozac - I had suicidal thoughts and couldn't get off of the couch. The drug that worked best for me was Elavil (sp?) The only problem with it was weight gain and swelling. (Bad enough to stop taking it.)
I hope Cymbalta works for you and if it doesn't, I wish you luck in finding something that does...

Take care,