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My husband had what I thought was a nervous breakdown in Dec. Went to Dr. and had bloodwork done as his sister just knew it was a thyroid problem. When the tests came back thyroid was normal. He was anemic and was diagnosed as male meno. His testostrone level was that of a woman 56. I knew sex was a problem which I just adjusted and left it at that. So Dr. has put him on T shots and I get to give them to him. The first one he got a double dose. In a month we go for bloodwork and see if he needs a double dose again. He has panic attacks, sleeps a lot, has poor concentration. He is off work for 3-6 months. I think there is more than one thing going on here. He is on Prozac 40mg. Xanax half of 0.5 as needed one maybe every couple of days or maybe two days in a row, only when he really needs one and he has me keep them. At night he kicks and jerks all night. He has RLS med and takes it but not on a regular basis. It seems to help for a few hours and then he is jerking again. I wake him and he says he is having bad dreams. Are any of you going thru this or gone thru this? I've been reading on this subject for a few weeks so thought I"d just ask. Thanks for you imput.