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OK, here's a quick recap. Had TSH checked last Nov. and it was 4.02, was told it was normal. After researching online and finding new current info, I went back to the same dr. and asked her to also check FT3 & FT4 (I forgot to mention antibodies). These were the results of those test:

TSH 2.33 (.27-4.20)
T4e, Free .9 (.9-1.7)
T3e, Free 3.2 (2.5-4.4)

All I got from her on that was "You're normal, let's recheck in 6 mos.". Well I don't think I can take another six months of this so I decided to try a new dr. A friend of mine suggested her dr. because she was diagnosed with a thyroid problem even though her TSH was normal her FT3 & FT4 weren't. So I thought she might at least check everything thoroughly.

So anyway, new dr. comes in the room, no smile or introduction. Immediately asks me if I have ADD because I'm on Concerta. I told her that I wasn't sure, it's runs in my family and my old dr. wanted me to try it to help with the fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. So she mentions that it could also be depression and I told her that I've tried Wellbutrin & Prozac and neither one seemed to help much. So she gave me a different antidepressent to try. Of course in the middle of trying to tell her all my symptoms she get a knock on the door, leaves for a few minutes then comes back in and picks up where we left off without an appology or anything.

So then I try to ask her about the possibly being Hypo. and she asked me if i had ever had it checked. I told her in Nov. it was 4.02 which was normal for the lab range, but from some information I found on the internet, those ranges are to wide. So she comes back with the TSH is a very sensitive test and if it's says it's normal than it's normal, there's nothing wrong. Whatever you read on the internet was wrong.

I was just so completely caught off guard by that. At least my old dr. listened to what I had to say, even if she disagreed. I literally cried all the way home. I almost walked out of the office and left the medice samples and sheet sitting there. I just don't understand why these dr's are so unwilling to listen and help. I mean what difference does it make to them if I go and get a couple of tubes of blood drawn and the they check everything completely. Ugh!!!


Mind Fog
Can't focus/concentrate
Dry skin
hair loss
irregular menstrual cycles
history of infertility
history of miscarriage
Cold hands and feet
Low body temperature (96.0-97.0 is normal)