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Hello everyone,
Well, I'm off to my doctor AGAIN this morning (never been there so much as since I've hit the menopause). I've just ditched my second lot of hrt as it was actually making me feel worse (a member posted that this can be a top symptom of hrt - great when it's supposed to be making you feel BETTER!). My anxiety had gone through the roof, and nothing I have tried - going with it, exercising, eating healthily, working, getting out, etc has helped.
I've had depression/anxiety in the past, but the anti-depressants I have always enabled me to lead a pretty normal life and sleep well; however, in the menopause, they stopped working (and I gained all the other horrible symptoms, insomnia, feeling strange, physically and mentally ill as well). I want to try a different anti-depressant, maybe prozac or seroxat, which I've heard are good for anxiety. I feel at the end of my tether, I feel panic flashing through me 24/7 and now I have even begun to wake up with it all through the night as well.
It's so difficult now, I feel such a mess and my daughters are about to do all their final exams at university - how can I cave in now and give them extra worry, also my elderly parents. I feel I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown and really need some help.
Please, can anyone tell me there is any hope in this situation. Sorry to dump all this on you all, you have all been so good!
Dear Pud: I can't tell you how much I sympathize. I was desperate I felt so bad. The tremors, the chills and the depression were terrible. However, take heart, it does get better once the HRT kicks in. I was on the patch but only a minimal amount of estrogen was getting through. My DR. switch me to oral Estrace with micronized Progesterone and so far so good. It hasn't been that long but I already feel so much better. I never did take the antideppresents given me (Prozac) because I didn't want to cloud the issue. If I felt better I wanted to know that it was the hormones and not the Prozac. Be kind to yourself and know that this person you are without hormones is not the real you, the real you is competent and worthy and will return once this god-awful menopause is just a bad memory. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Take care.