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Hi everyone,
It's been a while since I've been on and I'm trying to catch up with all my back buddies. It looks like we're all still hurting to varying degrees and seems that we have a whole new group of spineys in pain :( Welcome to all the newbies :wave: , I'm sorry you are here but glad you found the awesome support on this board. How are my old buddies doing? Pepper, Moldova, Shawley, Billy, Baybreeze, Leslie, BlueAtlas, all the other oldies.....I don't see many posts from you guys. I miss you all.
Well, I was attempting to "live" my life. I was trying to beat this with mind over matter, ignore the reality, and well...it hasn't worked too well. I was doing what I wanted to do (within reason, I thought), I was trying not to whine, not focus on the pain, and move on. What I got is pain, pain and more pain :mad: Nerve pain in both legs, burning pain now in the lower back. I am supposed to see another neurologist soon and I guess it will be more pills. For those of you who know my story.....I'm off the Cymbalta and also off the Prozac that they had to prescribe to get me through the withdrawal of the Cymbalta discontinuation. So I'm not real keen on more meds. I feel like I just got my "mind" back and feel like ME again. The spinal cord stim is looking better all the time although it really scares me to have this invasive procedure and equipment. I'm not THAT old and I really don't want to be restricted and handicapped all my life....nor can I tolerate this pain forever and ever. So like all of us my life will continue to revolve around my back. . We are looking into getting a new home with a first floor master...the steps wreck havoc on me. So our house is on the market (a real challenge to keep it looking tidy all the time!), I have an aunt (really more like my 2nd Mom) who is dying from cancer in PA. and we're trying to get her here to VA to live with my Mom, my son is getting a divorce and I'm trying to be there for him, on and on it goes.
Let me know how you all are. Shawley needs to get our summer excursion planned! :D

(((((((gentle hugs to you all))))))))))