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Hi all! First post...thank God you are all here.

I am a daughter, age 53, married and mother of 4, one child still at home at age 12. When mom died in 03, we moved dad here from Oregon. He lives in the duplex next door, just a couple of feet away. Since that time, he has declined with dementia to the point where we are now.

His physical health is decent enough, at age 82. But his mental state is deteriorating at a rapid pace. He can toilet himself, feed and drink unaided. But I do everything - and I mean everything - else. I am with him 8-12 hours a day, and he is getting really aggressive and inappropriate. It's hard to take him into public because he makes inappropriate remarks to people and is starting to try to hit my 12 yr old son for no reason other than he does not like children. He is sleeping more and more, and here's the real issue today:

He is refusing to eat. A bite of scrambled eggs, an Ensure and 4 french fries was his entire menu today. I do all his cooking, and he refused bacon, hash browns, Kentucky Fried Chicken Strips (which he LOVES), pizza, hot dogs...all his favorite foods. I sit with him for every meal for as long as it takes, and now he is just refusing to eat.

He is quite demented. Has no orientation of space and time, no idea what day it is, what year it is, president, who the heck I am, why he can't ask his beautiful female doctor if "those are hers", he has grabbed the steering wheel while I am driving...his mind is just getting eaten up by this disease. It is my goal to care for him by myself until the "end" - no care home for him if I can do it.

How do I get him to eat? I am afraid he will die as he has lost 10% of his natural weight in 2 months. He is soooo thin. His doctor says that he is getting too thin, and prescribed a low dose of Prozac to no avail.

What do I do? Help?:confused: