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My husband has been doing alot of cocaine since our 7 year old son passed away ,5 years ago. He does alcohol as well, Now we have split because he has become abusive and basicly unable to feel or have remorse. He now tells me he has obtained prozac from a family member and is trying to get it together. I know he is still drinking but I don't know how much and I think he still doing some coc. what will happen to him. He is not under a doctors suppervision and nowbody seems to get threw to him he seems edgy and angry and them just seems to have no emotion at all. Is there anything I can do to help him get help?
Thanks Mary
Hello Mary,

Unless he is willing to get help on his own, there really isn't much that can be done at this point in time.

Under no circumstances should another person provide a prescription medication to someone unauthorized to take it.

Narcotics and alcohol alone have the potential for disaster; add prozac to the equation and the potential increases exponentially.

He seems to be a close-minded individual and these are the hardest to reach; unless the unfortunate circumstances occur.

Take care.