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Thank you both for the information. I realize now that if I were to appeal to anyone to get these types of drugs approved for women it would be the FDA, who would of course need trials done etc...
I actually did go through the formal appeal process with the insurance company. I also asked them if I could switch to a different plan which would cover it, and was told that none of the plans they offerred would cover Cialis, or anything else in its category. But on my Dr.'s FOURTH appeal with them, they finally revealed that they would, at that point, cover it for a man. Just on principle that grinds my gears.
My plan from here is to call Eli Lilly and ask them if there are any, or will be any clinical trials of Cialis on women (I know that Pfizer did one on Viagra for women in 2002, because I participated in it. I went and got interviewed and had bloodwork done and everything. I never made it to the treatment phase of the trial because they said my testosterone was below the minimum that they had set for the trial. My testosterone, they said, was actually totally average and normal, but that for the purposes of the study they wanted women with higher testosterone levels. A bit biased of a trial, perhaps?) Anyway, I plan on looking into it, mainly because I believe it should be done, but also for the chance to participate and receive free treatments. My other plan for now is to try the free sample of Cialis I got from an online coupon. Like you said, this will tell me how much it is worth fighting for (principle aside, of course)!
I will also ask my Dr. about HRT, I hadn't headr about that before...thanks!
Oh, one other thing, are there any other women out there experiencing these side effects from something like Effexor, Prozac, Paxil, Celexa, or Zoloft? I know there are!! I would like to know if any of you would join me in contacting the drug companies about doing the necessary clinical trials. We deserve the same help that men get!